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Data Manager at eHealth4everyone.


Why work for eHealth4everyone? You will get the opportunity to work with a group of health IT enthusiasts passionate about bringing positive change to the healthcare industry. You will do exciting work in a friendly and conducive environment, and save lives in the process, while interacting with some of the best minds in your area of interest. You also get mentorship and guidance as you develop your career.
Applicants who graduated in 2018 or after and candidates based in Abuja are preferred and are strongly encouraged to apply.  

The Data Manager will oversee the development and use of data systems. He/she will discover efficient ways to organize and store data with attention to accuracy, completeness, efficiency, security and confidentiality. His/her focus will be managing the company data to ensure security of data related to, and belonging to the organization and implement systems to offer efficient analysis, storage and documentation of the organization’s records. He/she will also reduce cost by identifying bad data practices and replacing them with enforceable policies that encourage improved practices.

Qualification: Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Information Management Technology, Computer Science/Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics or any related degree with sufficient data concepts.

Experience: At least three years of experience in a similar role.

Skills: Strong understanding of databases (PostgresSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB), Very high knowledge of data preparation tools such as Google Bigtable, Microsoft PowerBI, Google Cloud Data Prep, Google Big Query, Spreadsheets etc. Must be an excel power user.


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