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VA No. 071
Job Title: Value Chain Advisor
Min. qualification: Master’s Degree in crop or animal agriculture and / or, marketing, communications and /or economics, business administration,
development or in similar areas
Organization: GIZ Nigeria, Strengthening Capacities for Peace Building and Conflict Resolution in Nigeria’s Middle Belt (PEACECORE)
Place: Jos, Plateau State
Salary: According to GIZ Nigeria Salary scale for Band 4
Closing Date of advert 06.12.2020


GIZ. Solutions that work.
We provide services worldwide in the field of international cooperation for
sustainable development. GIZ has over 50 years of experience in a wide
variety of areas, including economic development and employment,
energy and the environment, and peace and security. The diverse
expertise of our federal enterprise is in demand around the globe, with the
German Government, European Union institutions, the United Nations
and governments of other countries all benefiting from our services. The
German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
(BMZ) is our main commissioning party, but we also work with the private
sector, fostering successful interaction between development policy and
foreign trade.
All these commissioning parties place their trust in GIZ by working
together with us to generate ideas for political, social and economic
change, develop these into concrete plans and implement the envisaged
change processes. Since we are a public-benefit federal enterprise,
German and European values are central to our work. This makes us a
reliable service provider that people can trust. Together with our partners,
we work to deliver flexible and effective solutions that offer people better
prospects and sustainably improve their living conditions.
The registered offices of GIZ are in Bonn and Eschborn. In 2019, we
generated a business volume of around EUR 3.1 billion. Our 22,199
employees, almost 70 per cent of whom are national staff, work in around
120 countries. As a recognised development service provider, we
currently have 556 development workers in action in partner countries.
Furthermore, in 2019, the Centre for International Migration and
Development (CIM), which is run jointly by GIZ and the German Federal
Employment Agency, placed 262 integrated experts and 515 returning

experts with local employers in our partner countries, or provided them
with financial support, advice or other services.*
*Personnel and business figures as at 31 December 2019


The transitional development assistance (TDA) project financed by the
German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
(BMZ) “Strengthening capacities for conflict resolution between
farmers and pastoralists in Central Nigeria” aims to establish the
conditions for a de-escalation of the violent conflicts in Plateau State
in Central Nigeria” (Plateau State).
Violent conflicts over access to land between (semi-)nomadic herders
and sedentary agrarian communities have escalated in recent years,
threatening the country’s security and stability. The project focuses on
the de-escalation and prevention of a further violent escalation of the
conflict. To this end, strategies and plans for fair access to land will be
developed, conflict resolution mechanisms established, and the
productivity of agricultural land use increased. The project has a
duration of 4 years (until 09/2023).
The project focuses on three components that are being developed
and implemented together with local and international partners:

  1. Enhancement of capacities of state and civil society actors in
    Plateau State to de-escalate resource conflicts between farmers
    and pastoralists.
  2. Create an environment where farmers and pastoralists are in a
    position to resume traditional trade and exchange relationships.
  3. Development of an impact and context monitoring that provides an
    informed and relevant decision-making basis for local decisionmakers and development cooperation projects for contextsensitive planning and implementation of activities.

Responsibilities & tasks:

A. Responsibilities
The Value Chains Advisor contributes to strengthen livelihoods and
food security in support to upholding stability and reducing poverty
of selected farmer and herder populations in the multi-layered
conflict setting of Nigeria’s Middle Belt.
The Value Chains Advisor is responsible for:
▪ Continuously assessing existing pastoral and agricultural
value chains and recommending socially, economically and
environmentally suitable additional value chains in the
specific context of 6 selected and assigned LGAs (Local
government areas) of Plateau State, Nigeria
▪ Establish networks and contacts with potential agricultural
and pastoral value chain stakeholders and support the

establishment of additional and diverse value chains in
project intervention areas
▪ Strategic planning of programme activities in close
cooperation with the program’s technical team members and
the Head of Programme
▪ Reporting on planning and implementation of progress,
reporting on indicators, impacts and result achievement, as
well as on activity implementation
▪ Planning and monitoring of assigned component activity
budget in close cooperation with the project’s Finance and
Administration Officer
▪ Coordinating and networking with other project components
and GIZ programmes as well as stakeholders and project
▪ Planning and implementing communication and visibility
activities of the component in close cooperation with the
Project Advisor
B. Tasks
The Value Chains Advisor :
▪ Plans, implements, evaluates and coordinates value chains
and value chain selection processes related to program
activities, concepts, and ToR for interventions
▪ Identifies additional and diverse economically, socially and
environmentally suitable value chains on the Plateau related
to agricultural and pastoral farming and / or processing.
▪ Maintains an updated database on agricultural and pastoral
value chains in selected project intervention areas: Identifies
and maps the main actors and key stakeholders (in particular
cooperatives / producers’ organizations, national and
international private sector companies, local NGOs, multistakeholder platforms, extension services) and
their interactions and the flow of products and services,
information and financial resources along the value chain.
▪ Establishes networks and communication with potential
value chain partners, proactively explores eventual
additional cooperation for value chains and links potential
markets / stakeholders with the project’s target groups of
farmers, herders, and other rural populations from selected
intervention areas
▪ Supports the planning and implementation of training
activities in targeted value chains with a focus on improving
and further developing smallholders’ sustainable crop and
livestock productivity and revenues

Leads efforts to promote best practices in value chain
development to reach specifically women, youth, and the
most vulnerable of the project’s target population
▪ Advises project partners in technical and organizational
aspects, monitors the quality and efficiency of
implementation of project partners’ activities in the field of
value chain and livelihood support
▪ Upholds quality assurance measures and proactively
suggests necessary changes, improvements and initiatives
in support of the program’s effectiveness
▪ Pursues cooperation, regular contact and dialogue with all
program components, partners, relevant stakeholders and
GIZ programs to assure the highest possible use of
▪ Communicates challenges, achievements, shares
knowledge, encourages the sharing of ideas and information
for the benefit of the program, encourages innovative
thinking and agility within the component and within partner
▪ Supports and coordinates teamwork, ensures flow of
relevant information within component, project and to/from
partners and contributes to GIZ sector networks in relevant
▪ Contributes to reporting, documentation and communication
in accordance to GIZ communication – and reporting
• Performs other tasks as and if requested by the Head of
• Undertakes approved business trips within Nigeria and –
rarely – outside Nigeria if requested for an effective
implementation of activities and / or for planning and
professional development purposes
• Assures to the best of his / her abilities to pursue the do no
harm approach in planning, implementing, reporting,
communicating and evaluating project interventions
• Assures at all times a professional approach and adherence
to GIZ rules and regulations and represents GIZ values in all
activities and behaviours

Required qualifications, competences and experience:

Required qualifications, competences and experience
• A post graduate university degree in crop or animal
agriculture and / or, marketing, communications and / or
economics, business administration, development or a
similar subject.
Professional experience

• 5 years of professional experience in the field of agriculture
/ pastoralism related value chains and / or small and medium
enterprise/business development.
• Experience conducting value chain assessments and
determining appropriate interventions to diversify value
chains and market access for the rural poor. Extensive
knowledge of viable agricultural and pastoral value chains
and resources in the region of Plateau State (Central
• Extensive knowledge of processors / markets of pastoral /
agricultural goods at state and national level
• Experience in the implementation of development
cooperation or humanitarian projects, work experience in an
international organisation or local organisation specifically
targeting the further development of small business
agricultural and pastoral value chains
• Ability to work independently, well- structured, familiarize
with new topics effectively and comprehensively and work in
overarching working groups; excellent writing and
communication skills, a high frustration tolerance, flexible
and able to work under pressure.
• High levels of conflict sensitivity and awareness of conflict
triggering conditions and circumstances
Other knowledge, additional competences
• Business fluency in English
• Hausa and / or Fulani speaking
Duty station: Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

Submission Guideline:

You are kindly requested to submit your CV and letter of motivation as
one document with complete contact details via email to:
(Please include vacancy no. 071 in mail subject)
GIZ Nigeria is an equal opportunity employer; both men and women are
encouraged to apply.
Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

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