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Request for Proposal – End of Project Evaluation of the Spotlight Initiative Project. at Neem Foundation

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Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Harmful Practices, Child and Early Female Marriage and prevention of access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services are symptomatic of underlying issues embedded in socio-cultural norms and practices that have prevailed across communities in Nigeria for a very long time.
It is, therefore, no surprise that progress towards the prevention of S/GBV and other related harmful gender practices has been slow; with significant resistance from communities and individuals across the country. Partly, the problem stems from the culture of tolerance and silence about GBV issues. Incidents of sexual and gender-based violence are under-reported due to social stigmas and cultural norms that are likely to make reporting particularly difficult.

Interventions under this project were implemented in three broad components including Second Chance Education, Business and Financial Literacy Capacity Building, and Access to Market and Financial Support.
Specifically, the objectives of the project were to:
Improve literacy of beneficiaries through the provision of comprehensive second chance education for target women and girls through a specially designed curriculum encompassing vocational, life,
and socio-emotional skills among others
Support the empowerment for women and young girls that are survivors of/at risk of SGBV through capacity building on themes around financial literacy, business management, and entrepreneurship
Work with CBOs and private sector partners in intervention locations to promote access to markets and economic participation for women through assessments to determine viable and economically
profitable engagements for beneficiaries.
Provide support to beneficiaries to set up financial support groups (cooperatives) in target locations Project Framework
Overall Goal: Women and girls are free from all forms of Gender-Based Violence
Outcomes Areas:
Outcome 1: More marginalized women and young women access and benefit from high-quality educational content, material, and learning pathways.
Outcome 2: More marginalized women and young women benefit from increased employment, livelihood, and entrepreneurial opportunities
Outcome 3: Fewer marginalized women and young women are disadvantaged and denied education opportunities due to harmful and discriminatory social norms.
Evaluation Target Audience
The targeted audience for the evaluation will include the project beneficiaries – women/girls who have experienced or are at risk of: Child and Early Forced Marriage, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, Harmful Practices; community members, community leaders, and other institutional stakeholders including but not limited to staff of the state Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.

Find the complete Request for Proposal on Google Drive Here

Method of Application

Email the below sets of documents as one attachment:
Proposal with a detailed budget. The proposal must include:

  • Profile of Consultant(s) and team with relevant work experience
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Certificate of Incorporation with the Corporate Affairs Commission (if application is by an organization)
  • Two reference letters from previous clients

All documents should be sent in Microsoft Word or PDF formats to

Find the complete Request for Proposal on Google Drive Here

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