Program Manager At Grow Strong Foundation (GSF)

Grow Strong Foundation (GSF) is one of the leading National NGOs implementing the humanitarian response to IDPs and other highly vulnerable in collaboration with international, National and UN agencies in Nigeria. As part of GSF responsibility to meet the set goal of its strategic plan, the organization is seeking for a qualified hand to handle the vacant position:

PositionProgram Manager
OfficeSenior Management
Responsible ToExecutive Director
Responsible ForChild Protection, Gender Based Violence, Education, Nutrition, livelihood, MHPSS and Peace building officers
Dotted line RelationshipMEAL, Admin and Finance Manager
Contract Duration1 year

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To oversee technical consultants and Project officers so as to ensure that all projects are delivered within an efficient operational framework and identify and recommend specific courses of action that facilitate projects to deliver on their intended goals and outcomes.


  1. Manage and monitor Program coordination and implementation.
  • Support project officer to understand the GSF strategic plan and how to link it to their projects.
  • Ensure that all project initiatives and interventions developed are directly derived from and linked to specific thematic areas and objectives as outlined in the strategic plan.
  • Working with the Executive Director ensure that all projects have clear and functional procedures and systems for learning, knowledge development, impact assessment, and human resource management.
  1. Maintain Partnership Relations and build Networking.
  • Identify partnerships and advise the Executive Director on the type of partnerships to pursue their long-term benefits to GSF.
  • Identify and maintain relations with relevant local and global networks that can advance GSF’s visibility, positioning, and relevance in humanitarian work.
  • Participate in partnership discussions, ensuring that GSF’s’ niche and contribution is always felt and is significant.
  • Support Project officers to develop meaningful partnerships for service delivery for developing referral pathways and for responding to emergency situations.
  1. Oversee Program Development and assist in Resource Mobilization.
  • Identify new program content, innovative and cost-effective ways of delivering GSF interventions.
  • Identify opportunities for developing new programs either directly or through strategic partnerships.
  • Participate in fundraising, resource mobilization and proposal development.
  • Work with the team to identify new areas of research; analyse and utilize local and global research findings to enrich GSF interventions.
  • Support all projects to adapt, utilize and mainstream national and global standards and guidelines into project operations.
  1. Assist in Governance and Organization Development.
  • Have a clear and up to date understanding of the national environment in which GSF programs are contextualized.
  • Regularly advise the Executive Director on any imminent and foreseeable developments (political, social, competition, policy) in the national operational environment and their impact on operations.
  • Work with the Finance & Administration manager to ensure that all management systems are sensitive and responsive to change; can anticipate risk and manage change effectively.
  • Support the Executive Director to organize BOD meetings, taking notes, managing schedules and committee business.
  1. Enhance report writing and ensure reporting templates and data collection tools are developed for each project.
  • Build capacity of Project officers in report writing and support them to ensure timely reporting to donors and partners.
  • Work with the M & E to ensure that reporting templates; data collection tools and progress monitoring tools are developed for each project and systematically utilized.
  • Work with the Executive Director to ensure that each project receives adequate and regular support supervision from partners and internally from the Project Manager.
  1. Provide mentorship and capacities building to Project officer to enable them to acquire essential competencies in project management.
  • Work with the Executive Director on issues of strategic growth, organizational development, and institutional strengthening.
  • Ensure that all projects are receiving adequate professional support from BOD.
  • Add value to project management systems and service delivery structures.
  1. Participate in the recruitment processes in line with organisation requirements and contribute to the development and execution of a plan for acquiring and developing key talent.
  • Participate in staff selection and interviews.
  • Determine staff gaps and conduct manpower planning within the program unit; and initiate the recruitment process.
  • Lead the development of staff induction in the program for new staff and conduct parts of the
  • Set performance and probation targets for new staff.
  • Guide appraisal of staff under probation and approve their confirmation, extension of probation period or non-confirmation.


  1. Project idealization and implementation
  2. High quality report writing
  3. Project monitoring and evaluation
  4. Action research and application of research findings for program development.
  5. Proposal developed and resource mobilize
  6. Networking and Partnership



  • Master’s Degree in a development related field
  • Bachelors degree in any of the following fields: social sciences, social work, psychology; development studies or a related


  • At least three years of consistent and demonstrable experience managing a portfolio of multiple projects in at least three of the following program areas; gender base violence, child protection/ mental health and Psychosocial support, livelihoods and nutrition, peace building, or any related program area.


  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Strategic analysis skills
  • Team building
  • People management skills
  • Decision making skills

Interested candidate should send his or her application with CV and Motivation letter to Grow Strong Foundation (GSF) email;  on or before close of business 16th March 2020.

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