Consultant for Script writer At Search for Common Ground

**Purpose of Consultancy**

Search seeks to engage a consultant who will write a sensational and stimulating 30minutes long 26 episodes of radio drama that will be translated to Hausa and Kanuri for recording and broadcasting. The drama will be in series, depicting and addressing issues and topics on social cohesion, education, empowerment, mental and psychological issues and many other researched topics provided by Search. The consultant will integrate all characteristics and themes and context of Borno state (Mafa, Dikwa, Mongono, Jere, Kukawa and MMC) that will resonate with the audience and create the desired entertainment and educational content needed for perception and behavioural change. As part of the consultancy, Fifteen (15) radio jingles of 60 seconds each will be developed for voicing, recording and broadcast. The jingles will represent the pulse of the project, catchy, retentive, creative and informative.

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Both Radio drama and jingles will be translated to Kanuri and Hausa.


  • Create and produce a serial of 26 episodes of Radio drama in English to be translated into Hausa and Kanuri
  • Research and develop original storylines relevant to the context and topics provided by search’s media team based on the thematic areas of the project to incorporate in the drama.
  • The radio drama script should convey core messages around economic recovery, social cohesion and strengthening resilience and tell an emotionally engaging story through a creative and captivating product
  • Ensure scripts are 15-20 minutes long and contain the key messages from all information gathered for each episode after approval of the theme/topic
  • Review script (where necessary) in line with emerging issues from ongoing episodes in reflection meetings and pitch it to Search’s media and program teams.
  • Create every aspect of a unique script, including the dialogue, characters, and plot that bring stories to life
  • Create a brief narrative intro and outro for every episode and an intro that will launch the interactive segment
  • Develop scripts based on the stories/content of beneficiary’s and created in English, Hausa and Kanuri languages and submit to Search’s media coordinator prior to the production of the drama.
  • Attend meetings training organized by Search for Common Ground, which has a direct bearing on the program and production of it during the course of the consultancy.
  • Submit quarterly reports and final report of the consultancy with recommendation and lessons learned
  • The radio drama script should be specific to the Northeastern region context putting in mind culture and values, religion and real-life situations through different and unexpected perspectives, the challenges faced, and also their conflict coping and managing strategies.
  • Develop 15 compelling and interesting jingles of 60 seconds each that are catchy, retentive, informative etc. in English, Hausa and Kanuri.

The period of performance for this contract is for approximately 4 months starting from the date of engagement.

Search anticipates the following timetable:

  • First Draft: The consultant will work closely with Search to learn about social cohesion, economic recovery and strengthening resilience by understanding the project objectives. With this background, he/she will develop the radio drama script and jingles within the generated radio drama pitch ideas, in dialogue with Search. During this period, the contractor, in consultation with Search, will further develop ideas, storyboards, and scripts for the proposed radio drama content.
  • Submission of the first draft of 13 Episodes – 1st Quarter (May): The consultant will submit the final draft of the first 13 episodes of the series inclusive of the Hausa and Kanuri version for onward execution by the Producers and actors. He would also submit the 15 jingles script that is captivating, catchy and informative in context to the project objective. Search will look out for the flow from the first quarter into the second quarter.
  • Submission of Second Draft of 13 Episodes – 2nd Quarter (June): The consultant will submit the last leg of the script for the radio drama in English, Hausa and Kanuri, with a strong ending to the series.
  • Final Submission of the report (July): The contractor will submit a report on the process, recommendation and lessons learnt for the consultancy.

How to apply

To Apply

  • A technical proposal, no more than four pages, describing how the radio drama script objectives will be met within the stated timetable. Also, a narrative “pitch” describing the basic drama concepts and illustrative examples of how the drama would be structured, possibly the plot
  • Script outline (in English), with clear-cut captioned messages being depicted in each scene
  • Provide a timeline within which the script for 26 episodes will be delivered with the mind that the first 5 episodes are to be delivered within 2 weeks of engagement
  • Technical qualifications of the individual/team including CVs, for all proposed personnel along with copies of relevant input to works (scripts) developed by team members.
  • Budget/financial. Include an overall cost for the contract. Final radio drama content decisions will be discussed between the contractor and Search before production begins


The proposals, both technical and financial, will be evaluated by a group of professionally qualified reviewers with media expertise based on the following criteria:

  • The price will be a factor in the evaluation of proposals.
  • Understanding of the proposed project narrated in the technical requirements per the SOW.
  • Review of the scriptwriter’s portfolio and technical capabilities including creative storytelling, applying emotion to drama, and content that informs, inspires and motivates audiences.
  • Experience and demonstrated ability to convey a thorough message in the script.**

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